This is Smokin' Soprano jumping at Liberty.  An off the track
Standardbred Pacer that I was proud to have in my presence for a
few short years. A regal and handsome gentleman that taught me
patience and respect. Smoke loves to play but he also has a very
strong work ethic. Smokes strives for excellence.
Kendra Wilson - Listening to Horses
This is Red. My  teacher,
my best friend and
partner. He's been harder
on me than any horse I've
ever spent time with.
Pisco needs a good reason
before he does anything
unless  he considers it
It's all about fun to Pisco.
Don't let him get bored --
whatever you do!
Angel showing off her Spanish Walk at
Cerephina and I beginning the
magnetic connection at Liberty
Watch Stormy May's video
The Path of the Horse
It will forever change the way you view horses!
Red and I Bridleless
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Please Note: I am working on a new website with an entire new look and feel. I no
longer want to have the title "Natural Horsemanship". I am going on my own as
"Listening to Horses" -- Human Training, It's what it's all about really -- most
everything I/we need to learn comes from the horses themselves (my main teacher is
of course Red),
Oh, and Winnie the Pooh and all his friends
I am not good at building a website either, so unfortunately it is taking forever.
Human Training Creating Happy Horses
and a Magical Connection